Business Overview

Business Overview
MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited

MK Restaurants

MK Restaurants offers Thai-style sukiyaki and a wide variety of dim sum and roasted dishes. MK Restaurants provides a memorable meal for our customers with its warm service in a casual atmosphere.

MK Gold Restaurants

Heightening the savoriness and service of sukiyaki, MK Gold Restaurants sources for premium ingredients and serves its customers in a luxurious ambience.

Yayoi Japanese Restaurant

Yayoi is an original Japanese restaurant that serves quality, quick, and authentic tasting meals at affordable prices. Yayoi also offer varieties of dishes that have been carefully selected to guarantee customer's satisfaction.

Hakata Ramen

Hakata Ramen brought its ramen recipe from the Hakata town, combining the authentic pork-bone soup with hearty Ramen noodles and tender Chashu pork.

Miyazaki Teppanyaki

Miyazaki Teppanyaki serves quality meals prepared on hot stoves by meticulous chefs using original recipe from Japan. The menu offers delectable teppanyaki-style beef, pork, and seafood served with Japanese rice and Dashi soup.

Na Siam Thai Restaurant

Na Siam is notable for the authentic taste of its Thai dishes cooked following the long-inherited recipes. The restaurant is suitable for every family.

Le Siam Thai Restaurant

Enhancing the taste of Thai food, Le Siam offers exquisite Thai dishes with original tastes and a touch of luxurious ambience.

Le Petit

Le Petit offers Western-style dishes such as pasta, sandwich and, salad. Customers can also enjoy a selection of beverages made with quality coffee beans.

Products and Services

Suki Restaurant Business

The suki restaurant business operated by the Company can be classified into two categories as follows:

MK Suki Restaurant

MK Suki is a restaurant run by the Company offering suki as its main dish. More than 100 items of a variety of meat, meatballs and fresh vegetables are offered as suki for customers to simmer in a cast-iron pot. In addition, MK Suki also offers various other dishes; namely dim sum such as steamed buns, pork dumpling, shrimp dumpling and egg r oll as well as a la carte dishes such as MK roasted duck, honey-roasted pork, steamed spare ribs roasted with fermented soybean, Hong Kong slow-cooked beef, Jade noodle, wonton soup and a myriad desserts, ice cr eam and beverages.

MK Suki positions itself as a family restaurant whose target customers are family, friends and colleagues in medium to high-income brackets. The restaurant highlights its relaxed ambience where everyone can slowly cook his own suki in a pot on the table while taking time chatting and catching up. Customers can also be office workers whose lunch time is limited and therefore are vying for a quality lunch in less than an hour as one of MK Suki’s service signatures is fast and ef ficient service.

As of December 31, 2017, there were 427 MK Suki restaurants around Thailand, most of which are located in shopping malls, modern trade outlets and community malls such as Big C, Tesco Lotus, Central Department Store, Robinson Department Store, The Mall Department Store, all of which share the same characteristic as a place where medium to high-income earners mostly shop.

MK Gold Restaurant

Like MK Suki, MK Gold Restaurant, which is also run by the Company, offers suki as its main dish plus other dishes such as dim sum and a la carte menus. Going beyond the standard, MK Gold’s ingredients are top-graded. MK Gold’s target customers are original customers of MK Suki Restaurant, who, having earned high incomes, long for premium-graded foods and go to MK Gold Restaurant for entertainment. MK Gold Restaurant’s theme of decoration is luxury in gold. The eatery is adorned with elegant and colorful lighting for glittering effect. Dinnerware is porcelain while the Sukiyaki cast-iron pot is golden. The restaurant’s store sign, roasted duck kitchen at the front, placemats and staff’s uniforms have been meticulously designed to reflect the element of gold and an air of luxury .

As of December 31, 2017, there were six MK Gold restaurants in major central business districts of Bangkok’s Siam Paragon, Central World, Saladaeng, Esplanade, Ekamai and Phuket’s Jungceylon. Customers may order any dish as they wish and will be charged accordingly. However, buffet is also available at certain branches.


MK LIVE is a new brand under hotpot category of MK Restaurant Group Public Company Limited. MK LIVE is positioned to be a concept store of MK Suki restaurant in which its concept was inspired by the core strength of “MK” mother brand and today’s modern customer’s lifestyle. LIVE means being alive in this concept. There are six main LIVE attributes that MK LIVE designed its restaurant experience upon; LIVE Ingredients, LIVEly Service, Live Showcase, Live Decoration, Live Experiences, and Live Bonding. At MK LIVE, both food and beverages menus are completely different from what offered in MK Suki Restaurant, for example, the restaurant is famous for its signature Steamed Shabu and Original Japanese-styled Sukiyaki. The services at MK LIVE are also unique. Staffs can interact with customers in a ‘lively’ way, recommending signature menu and providing information on the origin of each ingredient. In addition, customers can enjoy MK LIVE Showcase where they can see how their food ar e being prepared by our chefs.

As of December 31 2017, MK LIVE has 2 branches, locating at The EmQuartier Department Store and Mega Bangna.

Japanese Restaurant Business

Yayoi Restaurant

Yayoi Restaurant is run by MK Interfood Co.,Ltd., our subsidiary, which has been franchised a license to run Japanese restaurant under the Yayoi-ken trademark by Plenus Co., Ltd., a listed company in Japan’s stock exchange and one of Japanese’s leading restaurant operators. Yayoi opened its first branch in Thailand in 2006.

Yayoi Restaurant is decorated in a bright colorful theme to convey informal and relaxed ambience and provide fast and quality service underlined with freshly-cooked food offered at a reasonable price tag. This very concept is inspired by the Japanese way of living which insists that no matter how fast life is to be, everyday’s living must be handled in a refined and sophisticated manner including food. This truly accords with Thai life style which places much priority to the food we eat.

Yayoi Restaurant offers both a la carte Japanese menus and set menus always served with rice, salad and miso soup. Yayoi’s recommended menus are pork Tonkatsu with miso sauce, sizzling grilled pork, rice with a variety of beef, Japanese-styled bento, Udon, Ramen and hors d’oeuvres such as Japanese dumpling, Japanese pizza and a myriad of scrumptious desserts and delightful beverages.

Yayoi has regularly collaborated with Japan-based Yayoi-ken’s chefs to introduce seasonal menus while retaining the much unique Japanese element in its food. As of December 31, 2017, there were 165 Yayoi Restaurants nationwide.

Hakata Restaurant

MK Restaurant Group Plc. opened the first Hakata Restaurant at Siriraj Hospital.

The eatery offers Japanese ramen of various types and forms as well as Japanese dumpling and beverages. Hakata, Siriraj Branch, is part of the Company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) project as net profit after expenses from the restaurant has been entirely donated to Siriraj Hospital. As of December 31, 2017, MK Restaurant Group Plc. operated three Hakata branches.

Miyazaki Restaurant

It was not until October 2012 when MK Restaurant Group Plc. opened the first Miyazaki Japanese Restaurant at The Scene Town in Town Shopping Center inside Soi Ladprao 94. The restaurant offers Japanese Teppanyaki grilled dishes, desserts and beverages. The Company boasted 27 Miyazaki Restaurant branches as of December 31, 2017.

Thai Restaurant Business

Na Siam Thai Restaurant

Run by the Company, Na Siam Thai Restaurant offers a comprehensive Thai menu under a traditional Thai ambience where the atmosphere of the original MK eatery in Siam Square in the old days before the Company started operating suki restaurant business is meticulously preserved. Na Siam Thai Restaurant targets medium to high-end customers who come to enjoy various kinds of chili paste dishes, Thai hot soup of tom yum, curry, sauté vegetables of all kinds, a la carte menus, a variety of noodles, traditional desserts, and beverages. As of December 31, 2017, there was one Na Siam Restaurant on B1 Floor of Central Plaza Bangna Shopping Center.

Le Siam Thai Restaurant

Like Na Siam, Le Siam Thai Restaurant is also operated by MK Restaurant Group Plc. and offers a comprehensive Thai menu. The restaurant is decorated in a luxurious Thai style and offers premium-graded food and beverages. Le Siam targets foreign customers and high-income earners who look for a sophisticated place offering traditional Thai food to entertain. As of December 31, 2017, there were four branches of Le Siam Restaurant at Saladaeng in Bangkok, Jungceylon in Phuket, Central Festival Samui in Surat Thani, and London Str eet in Bangkok.

Coffee Shop and Bakery Business

Le Petit

In September 2012, MK Restaurant Group Plc. opened Le Petit, the first coffee shop. Bakery bistro developed on its own formula at Siriraj Hospital. The place offers snacks, bakeries, coffee and other beverages. Le Petit is part of the Company’s CSR project as net profit after expenses is entirely donated to the hospital. As of December 31, 2017, there were three branches of Le Petit coffee shop and bakery, locating at Siriraj Hospital, London Street and MK’s Head Office.

Home Delivery and Catering Business

MK Restaurant Group Plc. and MK Interfood Co., Ltd. offer home delivery and catering services where food from MK Suki Restaurant and Yayoi Restaurant could be home delivered between 10 am to 9 pm each day (or up to the opening hours of the mall) with a minimum order from both restaurants of Baht 150. However, if fresh food items under MK Suki Restaurant is ordered, the minimum order will start at Baht 199. There is a charge of Baht 40 per trip for home delivery including VAT. Moreover, customers can make order in advance for the seminar or meeting events. Customers can pay by cash or by Visa credit card of all major banks. They can order food by calling the following numbers or going to the following websites:

Phone Numbers

Service Areas Phone Numbers Website
Bangkok and its vicinity 02-248-5555, 1642
Pattaya, Chonburi 02-248-5555, 038-374-484, 1642
Chiang Mai 02-248-5555, 053-805-742, 1642
Phuket 076-248-266
Nakornratchasrima, Khonkaen 02-248-5555, 1642
(only MK Restaurant)
02-248-5555, 1642

Aside from the home delivery service, both MK Suki Restaurant and Yayoi Japanese Restaurant also accept advanced orders and can provide lunch boxes for party, feast or other events. The Company also provides a comprehensive catering service where all equipment and accessories such as suki pot, electronic outlets, chairs and dining tables and competent service personnel are offered and set up for customers to make them feel like they actually dine at MK Suki Restaurant.

Overseas Restaurant Business

As of December 31, 2017, the Company had the following MK Suki Restaurants and Yayoi Japanese Restaurants overseas:

Countries Number of MK Suki Restaurant Number of Yayoi Restaurant Number of Miyazaki Restaurant Operated by
Plenus MK Co.,Ltd. (The Company holds 12% of its shares; it obtains the franchise right from the Company)
Plenus & MK Pte. Ltd. (The Company holds 50% of its shares; the firm is a joint-venture company.)
Global Investment Gate Joint-Stock Company (not relating to the Company; it obtains the franchise right from the Company)
Premium Food Co.,Ltd. (not relating to the Company; it obtains the franchise right from the Company to operate MK Restaurant). V&V Restaurant (not relating to the Company; it obtains the franchise right from the Company to operate Miyazaki restaurant).
Training Center

Founded in 2006, the MK Training Center is run by MK Service Training Co., Ltd. to offer service training and other necessary skills for service personnel of the Company and its subsidiaries. Realizing that human resources are the most valuable asset of the Company, MK Restaurant Group Plc. puts endless energy into the recruitment, selection, retention and development of personnel. It has developed training courses to intensively train personnel of all departments whether they are full-time or temporary staff at branch restaurants, students, management or executives. Every employee will go through training and capability building courses that the company specially designed to correspond with their career path.

Located on Km. 3, Bangna-Trad Highway, opposite to Central Plaza Bangna Shopping Center, MK Training Center boasts a variety of training rooms and a comprehensive range of training equipment in the seven-floors building. Most courses depend on knowledge and competency of the Company’s own staff. Trainers are executives, managers, chiefs of sections and experts at various levels. In addition, there are also third-party experienced trainers in the service industry to share their skills, experiences, thoughts and service mind necessary for the profession. The goal is to encourage all MK personnel to commit to the best possible service to fulfill customer’s needs.

Corporate Structure of the Company and Subsidiaries

As of December 31, 2017

(1) Plenus Co., Ltd. hold 50% of its shares.

(2) Plenus Co., Ltd. hold 87.8% and Bridg Co., Ltd 0.2% of its shares.